Police Complaints

Report a Complaint about a Local Cop

We accept the following types of reports of police misconduct:

We publish these complaints in our searchable police complaints registry and also in our blog. We never include your name in anything we publish online. When you send us copies of your complaints, you make it possible for people in your community to keep tabs on the police officers to whom they’ve entrusted their safety and their rights.

We accept written reports in various text formats, including email, RTF and Microsoft Word. For scanned documents, we prefer PDF documents. We’ll take almost anything you’ve got, but please help us out and refer to our formatting preferences.

Email your report to news@policecomplaints.info

We are currently accepting reports only for police officers in our charter city, Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you are interested in spearheading PoliceComplaints.info for another community, please contact us