Police Complaints

How to Request Copies of an Officer's Public Complaints File

Our primary service is our searchable library of Internal Affairs records, documenting citizen complaints against police officers. It’s easy to get these public records for any police officer in Albuquerque. We encourage activists to Adopt a Cop and check regularly for updates to their Internal Affairs file.

The easiest way to get these records is to request them by email and pick them up at the police station downtown. Here’s how.

To request a copy of all citizen complaints against a police officer, simply email the Albuquerque city clerk at . You might want to write something like the following:

Dear Ms Bailey,

I write to request copies of all citizen complaints against Albuquerque Police Department officer (OFFICER NAME) filed with the Police Oversight Commission and/or Internal Affairs Department of the Albuquerque Police Department, along with all documents created during the course of investigating said complaints, including documentation of the findings of the investigations. The documents can be emailed to me at this address, along with an invoice, or I can pick up the documents at the APD records desk when they are ready.

Thank you for routing this to the appropriate records custodian.



If you’re concerned about having your name on the request (and we’re not saying you should or shouldn’t be) you might want to send the request anonymously.

Within just a day or two of sending your request, you should get an email from the records custodian at the police department confirming your request. A few days later, you should get another email telling you that you can pick up the requested information downtown. They are required by law to fulfill your request within 15 days.

If there are just a few pages, they might possibly scan them and email them to you, but usually they’ll ask you to pick them up downtown. The records will be available for pickup at the police records department downtown at 400 Roma Ave NW

There is a charge of 10ยข per page. Bring cash.

Once you have the records, be sure to send us a copy so we can publish it. If you have the technical know-how, it’s extremely helpful to us if you can process the file according to our specifications before sending it to us.

Citizens have the right to request these records for any reason. You do not have to explain why you are requesting the records. The law establishing your right to request records is called IPRA, the Inspection of Public Records Act. The Attorney General’s office offers a Guide to IPRA that explains how it all works.

  • We have a new letter template you should use when sending requests. We will update here when we can but if you can't wait, visit our contact page to get in touch.