Tools for Activists

These are the tools we use ourselves to fight police misconduct. You can use them too! Currently, our information is geared for our charter city, Albuquerque, New Mexico. We do plan to branch out into other cities in the future. If you are interested in spearheading in your local community, please contact us.

How To Be Anonymous

You may imagine that you’re already anonymous on the internet. Not true. But there are some simple steps you can take to protect your privacy. Coming soon!

Standard Operating Procedures of the Albuquerque Police Department

In addition to obeying the law and upholding the Constitution, APD officers must also follow the rules set down by their employers. These are the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the Albuquerque Police Department.

APD SOPs in Microsoft Word format:

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APD Standard Operating Procedures : Browsable List

This page has the complete list of all the SOPs of the Albuquerque Police Department. Browse one at a time or download them all at once. Microsoft Word format. See also: More info about the SOPs.

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File an official complaint against the Albuquerque Police Department

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Redaction of Complaint Files

We do not publish citizen names and contact information online. However, we must have the original complete documents, which may contain that information. We will create a redacted copy with personal data about the citizen removed for publishing. We do keep a full copy of the unredacted complaint in our database, but we do not share these with the public. Only authorized Police Complaints staff and partners has access to this information. Of course, keep in mind that these are public documents and therefore any member of the public can obtain a copy by making their own IPRA demand.

NM Attorney General Determination: Police discipline is public info

Read the determination by Assistant Attorney General Mary Smith that re-iterates established New Mexico law: The public has a right to know the fact a law enforcement officer has been disciplined or fired—even though the law also allows agencies to keep secret any “matters of opinion” about the disciplinary action.

NMAGO Determination re Police Discipline

Letter originally published online by New Mexico Foundation for Open Government