Police Complaints

How to prepare a public complaint file for publishing

We welcome all complaint submissions, but you’ll really help us out and see your complaint published faster if you can format your submission according to our specifications. Here’s how.

Sample Complaint

As you look over our formatting requirements, be sure to refer to some of our published complaints, like maybe this entertaining one, to see how we set things up.

How to Send Your Submission

Just email

The Complaint File

First, the complaint itself. To publish a public records complaint, we must have a copy of the complete complaint and all accompanying documents. We publish them in PDF format and greatly prefer to receive them in that format.

We do not publish citizen names and contact information online. However, we must have the original complete documents, which may contain that information. We will create a redacted copy with personal data about the citizen removed for publishing.

Essential Facts

Summary of Allegations

Summary of Findings