Police Complaints

Empowering direct and local police oversight

We provide resources to help citizens fight police misconduct directly and locally. Our primary service is the Police Complaints Registry, a growing, searchable library of public documents filed by local citizens against local cops. We help victims of police misconduct with filing complaints and seeking restitution. Community activists can use our tools to collect and publish information and news about their local police force to promote police accountability.

Albuquerque is our charter city

Police misconduct is a nationwide problem, but we've selected Albuquerque, New Mexico as our charter city. Find out why.

ABQ Police Arrest Man for Carrying Legal Weapons

A Police Complaints exclusive. Is open-carry a constitutional right? Or reasonable suspicion?

Fight Police Misconduct in Your Own Community

We'll show you how to get public records on police in your community and publish them at PoliceComplaints.info.