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Brand New App: Monitor Albuquerque Police with Your Smart Phone!

We’re working on a new phone app that will help Albuquerque citizens track and identify local police. The app is still in the earliest stages and we are seeking beta testers. If you are a gadget lover and want to try our new phone app, please contact us.


  • Current version is Android only. An iPhone version is in the works, but for now, please only contact us if you are using an Android phone.
  • You need to be tech-savvy, know how to use your phone and how to install software. Make sure you know what version of Android your phone is running.
  • To test the app, you need to see APD police cars on a regular basis. This app won’t be of any use if you’re not in Albuquerque and regularly spotting APD police cars.

We only have room for a few people in our beta tester program, so tell us a little about yourself and why you would be a good app tester. Email now!.

Volunteer Opportunity: Redacting Citizen Complaint Files

We are building a Registry of all citizen complaints against the Albuquerque police department. Now we need your help so we can publish more info about more bad cops.

Police Complaints has a backlog of about 80 citizen complaint files. These files document numerous cases of misconduct by Albuquerque Police Officers. Before we can publish them on our website, we need to redact them, blocking out the personal information of the citizens who filed the complaints in order to protect their privacy.

Can you volunteer to redact just five or ten citizen police complaints? It is easy work, but very detail-oriented. You need to be computer- and internet-literate and you need a passion for exposing police misconduct. We will email you the files in PDF format. You can upload each file to a website we give you. There you can use simple point-and-click tools to cover up all the personal info you find in the document. Then you just email the document back to us for publishing in the Complaints Registry.

Please email if you can help. Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunity: Investigate Public Records on Excessive Force

Police Complaints is seeking a volunteer to sort through public records and videos documenting use-of-force incidents by the Albuquerque Police Department.

We have received public records that cover just a two-month period in a single command area of the APD. So far, we have about 120 pages and several dozen video and audio recordings taken from officer belt tapes and lapel cameras. The reported incidents include taser discharges, blunt-force applications, take-downs and other uses of lethal and less-than-lethal force.

We are looking for a volunteer investigator to sort through the records, summarize them and help us prioritize them for second-level investigation. We’re looking for someone with the following skills:

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Volunteer Opportunity: Adopt the shooter cops

Albuquerque police shot and killed another man this month. Between January 2010 and August 2011, they shot 20 people, 15 fatally. That’s a shooting per month.

Despite these terrifying numbers, there is no comprehensive list anywhere on the internet of all the victims and all the shooters. We’ve started work on a list of all the shooter cops but there still a lot of research to do. This is a big volunteer opportunity for someone committed to police accountability.

Is it you? We’re looking for someone to identify the shooter cops so we can add them to our list of shooter cops. Then we need someone to adopt some or all of the couple dozen shooter cops in Albuquerque, look up their complaint records, and regularly report them to us. We need this information so we can maintain up-to-date public profiles of every police officer who has shot a citizen, for whatever reason.

If you or someone you know might be interested in this important service, please contact us.