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Volunteer Opportunity: Investigate Public Records on Excessive Force

Police Complaints is seeking a volunteer to sort through public records and videos documenting use-of-force incidents by the Albuquerque Police Department.

We have received public records that cover just a two-month period in a single command area of the APD. So far, we have about 120 pages and several dozen video and audio recordings taken from officer belt tapes and lapel cameras. The reported incidents include taser discharges, blunt-force applications, take-downs and other uses of lethal and less-than-lethal force.

We are looking for a volunteer investigator to sort through the records, summarize them and help us prioritize them for second-level investigation. We’re looking for someone with the following skills:

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Does the Police Union contract really require hiding info from the POC?

Investigators reporting to the Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission deliver only summaries of their investigations and commissioners have recently complained about these inadequate summaries. The reports also omit the names of police officers accused of misconduct, as well as any information about the discipline meted out to officers who violated the APD Standard Operating Procedures.

Even though names and discipline are public records, the City claims that their contract with the police union requires them to withhold this information from the Commission.

Are they right?

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Police Discipline Records are Public Info, according to NM Attorney General

The Albuquerque Police Oversight Commission maintains a policy of not divulging the names of officers accused of misconduct and also of concealing the discipline meted out to officers who are found to have violated department procedures. They maintain that disciplinary matters are private, personnel matters, not public information.

Now the New Mexico Attorney General’s office says that’s wrong.

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