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Albuquerque cop resigns after DWI

From KOAT News

Albuquerque police confirm that Patrick Hernandez stepped down on Tuesday.

According to the criminal complaint, Hernandez got into a crash involving two other vehicles, while getting on the San Antonio exit from Interstate 25 northbound last week. He then failed sobriety tests.

Officer Chris Webb accused of tasering a 10-year-old boy to teach him a lesson

According to Facebook, this is a photograph of a Chris Webb who lives in Tularosa, New Mexico. We are awaiting confirmation whether this is the same Chris Webb who is a Tularosa cop accused of tasering a 10-year-old boy in May 2012.

From the story by Courthouse News Services:

A New Mexico policeman Tasered a 10-year-old child on a playground because the boy refused to clean his patrol car, the boy claims in court.

Guardian ad litem Rachel Higgins sued the New Mexico Department of Public Safety and Motor Transportation Police Officer Chris Webb on behalf of the child, in Santa Fe County Court.

Higgins claims Webb used his Taser on the boy, R.D., during a May 4 “career day” visit to Tularosa New Mexico Intermediate School.

“Defendant Webb asked the boy, R.D., in a group of boys, who would like to clean his patrol unit,” the complaint states. “A number of boys said that they would. R.D., joking, said that he did not want to clean the patrol unit.

“Defendant Webb responded by pointing his Taser at R.D. and saying, ‘Let me show you what happens to people who do not listen to the police.’”

For the latest info about this police misconduct lawsuit, see the complete Case History.

When cops break the law, Oregon citizens can write a ticket

An Oregon state law permits private citizens to issue citations when they see someone break the law. This attorney used the law to write tickets on cops who parked illegally. The best part is, the cops had to pay up—out of their own wallets!

From The Oregonian, (with a completely inaccurate headline) ] Attorney gives up fight over police and parking:

[Police officer] Stensgaard first received a ticket from Bryant in March 2008 for parking his cruiser in a no-parking zone outside a Northwest 21st Avenue sushi restaurant to order take-out.

Traffic Court Judge Terry Hannon said Stensgaard violated the letter of the law and fined him $35.

Bryant said he took flak from some in the public who thought he was picking on police. But Bryant said he hopes more citizens use the little-known law, Oregon Revised Statute 153.058, to fight wrongs they see, such as drivers who speed through neighborhoods.

“Any citizen can do this,” Bryant said.

[Officer] Stensgaard said he thought Bryant was “stalking” police.

We don’t usually post news stories from other cities, but this one’s got us thinking: Do we have a law like this in New Mexico?

Photo credit: Fredrick D. Joe/ The Oregonian

April Sanchez drunk, arrested for battery

Ex-cop April Sanchez arrested again, this time for making a drunken scene at ten in the morning at an Albuquerque casino.

Read the arrest report.

Sanchez obviously needs help. We hope she gets it before something terrible happens.

Andrew Gallegos DWI trial set for June

Former APD Sergeant Andrew Gallegos, who was arrested last February for DWI, will be facing those charges at a trial set for June 25. Case DW64312 in Albuquerque Metropolitan Court.

"Creeper" Michael Eiskant finally off the force

Ex-Cop Michael Eiskant Caught Masturbating on Video While on Duty

A statement from the Attorney General Gary King’s office said that Eiskant promised he “will never again become a law enforcement officer anywhere in the United States,” as part of his plea deal…. Eiskant entered a no contest plea in Bernalillo County District Court in front of Judge Reed Sheppard for other issues. The no contest pleas were for two counts of attempt to commit a felony for false imprisonment, one count of stalking, two counts of harassment and charges for larceny and possession of marijuana. The criminal complaint details that seven of the charges happened in 2011 and plenty of them involved women in traffic stops.

Shooter cop accused of domestic violence

From an Albuquerque Journal article by Jeff Proctor, Officer Facing Violence Charge:

APD officer Jeremy Hollier can expect to be disciplined quickly after his arrest on domestic violence charges over the weekend, Police Chief Ray Schultz said Tuesday.

Hollier was arrested shortly after 12 a.m. Sunday at his home in the Northeast Heights after police received a call from a woman saying Hollier had choked her, threatened to kill himself and banged his head against a wall several times, according to a criminal complaint filed in Metropolitan Court.

The weekend arrest wasn’t the first time Hollier has made headlines.

In the summer of 2010, he fatally shot Len Fuentes after neighbors reported a loud altercation between Fuentes and his girlfriend. It was one of 19 officer-involved shootings from early 2010 through late summer 2011 that drew pointed criticism from community members.

Hollier and another officer responded to an apartment on Crest SE on July 26, 2010. Fuentes, who suffered from mental illness, refused commands to drop his knife. Police say he lunged at the officers before being shot.

Former APD Sergeant arrested for DWI

From KRQE News:

He was an off duty APD Sergeant when he backed over a woman in a bar parking lot killing her.

Police said he even admitted to partying and blacking out that night but the charges against Andrew Gallegos were dropped.

News 13 has learned he has a new job as a cop and new trouble.

Gallegos was arrested early Saturday morning after police said he was doing 59 in a 40mph zone down Eubank on his motorcycle.

The officer said Gallegos was unsteady and smelled like alcohol, but Gallegos, who is now a sergeant with Isleta Pueblo Police, refused to take a filed sobriety test or a breathalyzer.

Calvin Lucero arrested for domestic violence

From KOB.com

New Mexico State Police confirm that one of their officers is on administrative leave today after being arrested for this weekend for domestic violence in Los Lunas.

State Police say Officer Calvin Lucero was arrested early Sunday by Los Lunas Police and charged with one count of battery on a household member.

Lucero, a patrolman who works in Albuquerque, was booked and released to a family member.

He is a seven-year veteran of the force.

Ex-Cop April Sanchez released with no bond

According to Albuquerque Metro Court Records, Ex-cop April Sanchez was released on her own recognizance without being required to post a bond. It’s unclear how often this treatment is extended to accused drunk drivers but being a cop probably didn’t hurt.