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NM Legislature Seeks to Criminalize Audio Recording

  • Update: The bill was defeated due to intense opposition from numerous citizens and groups, including New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, Society of Professional Journalists, New Mexico Press Association, and Police Complaints of Albuquerque.

State Senator Bill O’Neill has introduced SB 127, Recording of Confidential Communications, which makes it illegal to audio-record conversations without the consent of all parties involved. Laws of this sort have been used in other jurisdictions to stop people from recording interactions with police and other public officials.

Senator O’Neill is completely up-front about his intentions: this bill is to shield politicians from accountability. In a statement to the Santa Fe New Mexican, O’Neill said, “In a political context, how can [we] work in a bi-partisan way if we are worried about being secretly taped? How can we be effective as elected officials?”

A better question is how citizens can trust public officials who are afraid of being held accountable for their words and actions?

Below is an email we have sent to the members of the Senate Public Affairs Committee, which will be hearing this bill today.

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